Thomas And the Magical Words, Jasper’s Journeys And Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey

16.04.2018 By Site Default

Thomas And the Magical Words, Jasper’s Journeys And Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey

Thomas And the Magical Words

Help your friend Thomas get out of the magical spells wordbook. You must use your brain in this educational game. Use Thomas and his knowledge of words. You must pick the letters in the top bar to create words to get to the next level. It is like a virtual scrabble with a twist. The longer the word is you create, the faster you will advance to the next level, and the better you points will be. Be on point and accurate with you words and don’t take too long or you will run out of time. Will you help Thomas in this puzzle to help him escape from this magic spells word book?

Jasper’s Journeys

Don’t panic. Stay calm when I tell you something: Orlando has been catnapped. Oh no! Okay, okay. Everything will be all right. Take a deep breath and let’s see what happened. While some of you would be ecstatic about the world being minus one cat, others like me are horrified that he’s the needed ingredient for a witch’s evil potion. Something needs to be done right away, so jump and run throughout a magical fairytale world battling against monsters and other dangers in this inviting retro game inspired platformer. But wait. Who is Jasper? Oops, here’s a little tidbit I forgot to mention. Jasper is Orlando the cat’s owner. Now, Jaspar’s cat needs saving so get going!

Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey

Ready for more Fishdom fun with Fishdom H20 Hidden Odyssey? While Fishdom 1 involved solving gem games to earn money to create aquariums, Fishdom H20 takes you to an odyssey of hidden object games under the sea. Seek and find hidden objects and make the most amazing aquariums your creativity and your budget will allow. Make your aquarium a fun screensaver for your Mac, too. Think of Fishdom H20 three things in one: an aquarium sim, a hidden object game and a screensaver for your trusty mac computer.