Thomas And the Magical Words, Bunny Bunny And Ignazio the Frog

03.05.2018 By Site Default

Thomas And the Magical Words, Bunny Bunny And Ignazio the Frog

Thomas And the Magical Words

Help your friend Thomas get out of the magical spells wordbook. You must use your brain in this educational game. Use Thomas and his knowledge of words. You must pick the letters in the top bar to create words to get to the next level. It is like a virtual scrabble with a twist. The longer the word is you create, the faster you will advance to the next level, and the better you points will be. Be on point and accurate with you words and don’t take too long or you will run out of time. Will you help Thomas in this puzzle to help him escape from this magic spells word book?

Bunny Bunny

This retro Japanese brain teaser will be appreciated by those whose love tiny and cute mind puzzles, so reminiscent of Japanese games from long ago. In Bunny Bunny, an adorable bunny needs to push a block of ice onto brown tiles which releases the monkey. In turn, the monkey then pushes the ice block to a pink tile. You will need to change the tiles to blue to finish the level. This adorable game starts out innocently easy but then later gets really grittingly challenging, perfect for working out that gray muscle matter.

Ignazio the Frog

Made for the very young kid gamers out there, the adorably cute Ignazio The Frog is just waiting to enchant each player coming for a visit. Ignazio is a curious little frog. In this froggy Pacman game, he strives and strives to discover 25 beautiful images of flowers and cute animals. On his adventure he determinedly trys to avoid the imminent dangers ahead like boulders and yellow stars. If he is successful, after he walks all over the map, he will happily reveal pieces of an image that will delight the players of the game once the image is completely uncovered. Ignazio is easy to play for small children with their parents, and there’s a convenient in-game help if necessary. Later, if you and your kids want more fun games, try Lua Lua.