Science Girls, Plants vs. Zombies And DROD

25.03.2018 By Site Default

Science Girls, Plants vs. Zombies And DROD

Science Girls!

Your highschool is beginning to get filled with creepy aliens. Now, I know you think those are just the regular ol’ creepy students that get on your nerves who you’ve seen all the time in school, but this is something completely different. These intruders really want to do damage and they don’t look like your typical student which leads us to believe they are out of this world…in a bad way. Solve puzzles, fight monsters and chat with your friends on a kooky adventure through time and space. Use superpowers to defeat aliens in this light-hearted, role-playing adventure. Later, play a RPG mixed with jewel games, Puzzle Quest.

Plants vs. Zombies

How could you NOT want to play a game called Plants versus Zombies? Doesn’t the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers come to mind? It’s thankfully much more light-hearted than that. A bunch of fun loving zombies are trying to invade your home and the only defense you have is your arsenal of 49 zombie zapping plants. Be sure to use your cherry bombs, wall-nuts, and peashooters, and whatever you can get your hands on to confuse, slow down, put down and mulchify 26 types of zombies before they reach your front door. As you battle the fun-dead, obstacles like creeping fog, a swimming pool and a setting sun add to the challenge. Play more hack n slash games for mac.


In this combination RPG, Adventure and Hack n Slash game, DROD, you will venture deep into King Dugan’s dungeon, solving puzzles and fighting monsters. DROD is packed with hundreds of rooms, monsters, obstacles, and other elements. You will have to solve 350 rooms, which will challenge your brain muscle and you will learn what happens next in the story, which is full of surprising twists, turns, events and characters. This most stand out game will be one of your all time favorites and you’ll be able to play it for a very, very long time – which is the best when you really get into a game. With DROD, it will take you some time to finish but consider that a good thing. Need more RPG games?