Mysteryville, The Hidden Object Show And Haunted Hotel

01.04.2018 By Site Default

Mysteryville, The Hidden Object Show And Haunted Hotel


Enter the strange world of Mysteryville. In this game, there are strange things going on that can’t be explained. Cats keep disappearing and the town needs your help! Join Laura, a reporter from Countryside Life Magazine to find out what’s going on. Travel throughout Mysteryville, go into the shops and talk to the people that work there. Help them out at their shop by cleaning up and finding hidden objects to get clues about the disappearances. Each level passed gets you one step closer to finding out what is happening. Mysteryville is a fun and exciting hidden objects game for all ages. Enter Mysteryville, where the town is strange and the residents are even stranger!

The Hidden Object Show

Welcome to the Hidden Object Show! This fun and unique game is all about finding hidden objects in rooms on a game show. Set at an abandoned movie studio, this game has different modes so that it is always exciting and new, plus the quirky host is pretty entertaining as well. Search for hidden objects by looking at your list, getting riddles, or by the silhouettes. Race the clock as you search for the hidden objects and the faster you are the more money you win. With 330 object finding rounds, cool prizes to collect and 30 captivating scenes, this game will keep kids and adults excited and entertained.

Haunted Hotel

It’s raining cats and dogs and your old beat up car breaks down to the last time. The only thing around is this creepy hotel that looks haunted. Bad news, it is haunted! Check in to this spooky hotel if you are brave enough. And travel through different levels of this haunted hotel by elevator to try to find help, and possibly a way out. The Haunted Hotel has many games including hidden objects and puzzles that you must solve in order to move on to the next level. Enjoy haunted house fun for all ages, with spooky background music, and tons of mini games to keep you guessing.