Mahjongg: Ancient Mayas, Mahjong Epic And Androkids for Older Macs

31.03.2018 By Site Default

Mahjongg: Ancient Mayas, Mahjong Epic And Androkids for Older Macs

Mahjongg: Ancient Mayas

Take this opportunity to travel back in time. You’ll be going back about 2,000 years but don’t be worried about the bygone ways of life. Just sit back and you will be happy to discover ancient Mayan treasures and temples, as well as the enigmatic Mesoamerican civilization, which was famous for their art, astronomy and architecture. Your time traveling and fascinating adventure will urge you to solve the mystical puzzle surrounding the ancient temple of Tikal while matching tile symbols in over 300 layouts. Try the classic tile matching game or one of 11 game variations. Another Mahjong game might be more of your cup of tea: Smack Mahjong.

Mahjong Epic

Maybe Smack Mahjong wasn’t your cup of tea? Although it happens to be one of our favorites, we admit, it’s not for everyone. That being said, maybe you’d rather play Mahjong Epic. You will be able to play more than 100 levels of matching tile games accompanied by soothing music and eye catching background images, both of which inspires you to have a calm time, providing a very chill game play. A last note: This game is a matching tile game in which gamers find like pairs of symbols and tiles – and should not be confused with the authentic Chinese game of Mahjong, which is more like a popular card game.

Androkids for Older Macs

This unique platformer is for little kids looking for an adventure to save the lovely princess in Notebook City from the evil Scribble King. His terrible writing resembling chicken scratch, and his malicious princess napping is inexcusable! Your mission is to collect all of the golden coins, which will then open the magical door leading you closer to saving the princess. A magical elf will talk to your child, giving him/her helpful hints all along the way so your little one will succeed on his mission, and save the day. *NOTE: The download is a “.sit” file for older Macs only!!