Ladybugs And Deluxe Poc Mon

20.03.2018 By Site Default

Ladybugs And Deluxe Poc Mon


Little kids love ladybugs, and that’s a fact! Maybe it’s because they are so tiny, or maybe it’s because they are red with little black dots, for whatever reason kids love them and they will love this game. Here is a great introductory game for young kids. Ladybugs is designed and made specifically for children ages three to eight years old, and it is fun and educational. As you begin this  game, decide on three different platforms, Race, Color Trouble, and Tangles maze. These games teach useful skills to young kids like matching colors and following the lines. The mission is to get the Ladybugs to their homes. The funny sounds and bright graphics are what these small gamers will be drawn to first, and playing the game will keep them coming back. Ladybugs is a stimulating racing maze and color matching mac game designed for your little ones whether they’re your siblings, kids or grand kids. Be sure to check out Sheeplings for more mac game fun that little gamers will love.

Deluxe Poc Mon

Bringing back one of my favorite old school games but with a twist, Deluxe Poc Mon is a step above the original Pac Man. This arcade style mac game gives you tons of fun and the bright lights and great sound effects make it that much better. This is just like the classic Pac Man game we’ve all played. You are a little yellow eating machine, trying to devour the balls and staying away from the ghost. But Deluxe Poc Mon is way beefed up. There are 100 skillfully designed mazes to get through, with fun bonuses and power-ups. You can use your own favorite music to Poc Mon to. There is a multiplayer feature that allows YOU to be the ghost. This awesome game is designed for anyone who  wants some fun and a challenge. Deluxe Poc Mon is a wonderful retro game that will keep you coming back for more Poc Mon fun. Have a blast with Deluxe Poc Mon and make sure to check out Pixie, another game inspired by an old arcade classic.