Home Sweet Home, The Race And Mythic Marbles

26.04.2018 By Site Default

Home Sweet Home, The Race And Mythic Marbles

Home Sweet Home

In this exciting simulator game of design and sell, join Dee Ziner and her crew to help furnish houses to the clients likings. Add furniture that will satisfy the potential new home owners style and make sure to stay on budget or you can lose points, and the sale. Use your new crew to help with the work, making sure they stay on top of things in a timely matter and make sure they have enough energy for the job. With tons of levels, and more than 400 furniture items to use, this game is fun for kids and adults alike. Help Dee and the home sweet home crew to create houses that will sell!

The Race

The Race, and that’s just what it is. Start by creating a team up to the challenge of competing with 5 others on a chance to travel to world. This game is fun and challenging for all. There are 2 styles of play, Challenge mode and World Explorer. In challenge mode, your team is up against 5 other teams in search of the hidden items. The faster you are the better your score! In World Explorer you play at your own pace, also good for beginners to practice in. Every level is a different city. Travel the world in search of hidden objects faster than the other teams to score points and advance to the next city. Travel the world while you play and have fun!

Mythic Marbles

Playing the real game of marbles involved the wonderful feeling of shaking around a bag of glass marbles. Do you know this feeling? The clickety clack of sleek glass hitting against each other, the cold smooth feel of the main marble in your hands before your thumb popped the group of marbles…Ah but Mythic Marbles isn’t about that. Haha! It’s the next best thing to the game of marbles if you had to play them on your Mac computer. Play with all your marbles and use the marbles located at the bottom of the board. Knock the rest of the marbles away but do not run out of marbles before you hit all the others off the board. Be on the lookout for the black holes and walls. Mythic Marbles features 100 games. Later, play a different kind of marble shooter, Sparkle.