Flip Words 2 And Word Cross

08.04.2018 By Site Default

Flip Words 2 And Word Cross

Flip Words 2

The sequel to our favorite puzzle word game is here. Just like in the original Flip Words, the game involves having a command of spelling and being able to find words in a melee of letters. Flip Words 2 offers three modes for more word finding goodness. In Classic Mode, click on letters on the board to spell words. As you continue to correctly spell words, a phrase at the top begins to appear. The goal is to guess what the phrase is. You can try and solve it without all of the letters, but finding words on the grid helps. Strategy Mode is for the person who needs a challenge. Find words as fast as possible. Some of the letters have tokens in them. If you correctly spell words with the token letters, you get the token. Tokens give you more time to solve the puzzle phrase. Lastly there is Party Mode, which gives you the chance to play online with your friends! Have them join in on all of the puzzle and word game excitement of this hard to put down mac game, Flip Words 2. Looking to play more word games? Try playing Pictowords, Spell Jam and Bookworm Deluxe.

Word Cross

This one’s for the puzzle lover in all of us. Word Cross, a  game show style mac game, combines a standard cross word puzzle and the fun of Wheel of Fortune. There are two modes which includes Timed and Timeless, so whether you want a challenging time of puzzle action, or you want to play at a leisurely pace this will suit your needs. As you start to solve the cross word puzzle, some of the letters start to fill in a row of empty boxes at the bottom. Your ultimate goal is to solve the phrase at the bottom of the board. You can solve the phrase anytime, but it makes it easier if you fill in most of the cross word puzzle. And as you continue, the puzzles get more difficult and more exciting when you solve them. Enjoy the addicting game play of Word Cross, also check out Pictowords a superb combination of Scrabble and Pictionary.