Fizzball And Bongo Boogie

04.03.2018 By Site Default

Fizzball And Bongo Boogie


Everyone left the islands ! Who will be responsible for feeding the animals and find out what scared the people away from this beautiful paradise?

Professor Fizzwizzle, to the rescue!

Bounce bubbles, rescue hungry cute animals, and solve a mystery through more than 180 levels of brick breaking fun!

Collect coins to help buy food for the animals while you compete for high scores and unlock dozens of trophies! There’s even a spectacular kids’ mode with fun animal quizzes! Download FizzBall now, and get playing!

Bongo Boogie

From the comfort of the jungle you call home, swing on over to an arcade inspired game filled with barrels of monkeys and magical coconuts. As you try to crack through the wall to move on to the next level, figure out funky symbols/bonuses granting you the explosive “G-Blast.” Grab an extra life or automatically be taken to the next level and much, much more. Discover shrinking play space, gravity issues, the concepts of bigger is better and the need for speed. Play 200 levels of Bongo Boogie on your Mac, and make sure to tell your friends and family about Bongo Boogie, the addictive mac computer game with misbehaving monkeys on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Lastly, while this brick game will appeal to adults as well as kids big and small, parents can disable the g-blast function for little kids. Looking for a different kind of breakout game? Try Fizzball.

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