Fashion Cents, Clueless And Downfall

02.05.2018 By Site Default

Fashion Cents, Clueless And Downfall

Fashion Cents

It goes almost without saying that this fashion game is for the hard-core pret-a-porter gamer. Use your truly fabulous fashion sense to mix and match gobs of wonderful combinations creating color-coordinated outfits that are so adorable you could practically eat them. Yes, fashion sense leads to fashion cents, get it, get it? Add the perfect final touches with accessories like purses and the cutest glasses to score mega fantastic bonus points. Create enough outfits like it’s going out of style but don’t run out of dolls or shelf space.


Based on the light-hearted movie with Alicia Silverstone, Clueless is a game that wants you NOT to be fashionably clueless. Like, whatever. Don’t worry, you get a lot of tips from the game and you, like me, will quickly find yourself eagerly looking for the most trendy, smart, sexy and colorful outfits for the girls who will need to work it. While you’re thinking about pret-a-porter also remember the mantra, “dress to impress.” Once you choose their complete looks, find out what their BFs think of them. Will they find their GFs seductive? Playful? Casual? Will they be ready for the beach, city or catwalk? Fashion sense is key. If you want to later continue with more fashion-minded games, you’ll probably also enjoy playing Weekend Party Fashion Show.


Downfall is a fun, 3D arcade puzzle game, which is very similar to Bloxter and other falling-blocks games. This Mac game showcases real-time 3D graphics and so many different boards on which to play. The playing boards offer special blocks like snow shovels, wrecking balls, indestructibles, dynamite sticks and more. Additionally, swap high scores with your friends. To play, just drop stacks with colored blocks to form lines that will react and disappear. This will score some points for you. Each board requires its own tactics and skills to master.