Digby’s Donuts, Pirate Poppers And Deep Blue Sea

19.03.2018 By Site Default

Digby’s Donuts, Pirate Poppers And Deep Blue Sea

Digby’s Donuts

Join Digby as he travels the country opening donut store chains in major cities. He needs your help making sure all of the donuts get placed in the right boxes. Stack them up on your donut catchers and drop them in their boxes by flavors. Do this fast enough to earn cash and points. The faster you are, the more you win. You can even get into the bonus round if you are fast enough! Travel this fabulous country and enjoy the scenery, but remember what your task is. Help the busy Digby around the donut shop and you will be very good at this game.

Pirate Poppers

Arg Matey! A pirate’s life for me! Come join this scaliwag as we embark on this thrilling search for treats and treasures. Shoot colored balls out of a pirates cannon to match 3 or more of the same color, before the chain reaches the end. Doing this will win you many lost treasures and gold coins, and the faster you are the more you win. Hit combos with the cannon, and try to collect treasures as they fall to fill your treasure cove and earn points. Play a lot and earn your rank as you venture through this exciting game filled with pirate treasure, chest of gold coins, and tons of fun.

Deep Blue Sea

Join me as I dive into the Deep Blue Sea on search of valuable buried treasure. Move puffer fish and crab to create matches of 3 or more and get the treasures to the bottom of the screen before the oxygen runs out. It is challenging for kids and adults alike and it will keep you entertained from start to finish. Use your fast accurate eyes to get the treasures as fast as you can and use the points you earn to upgrade your equipment. With 130 breathtaking levels, get lost in the intriguing story, collect all 7 power amulets, and enjoy the mysteries of the Deep Blue Sea.