Bullet Candy, Star Defender 4 And Kudos

23.03.2018 By Site Default

Bullet Candy, Star Defender 4 And Kudos

Bullet Candy

With all of the bright colors and all of the bullets flying it is easy to become distracted. But try to stay in the zone or you will be conquered by all of the bullet slinging aircrafts. Be on point and on target while firing your weapons and you will get far in this game. Shoot up your opponents as fast and accurate as you can to collect points and move you to the next level. Just know that the next level is going to be harder and more action packed. This exciting shooter game is full of action and adventure. With more than 50 levels and huge explosions, it will keep you extremely entertained!

Star Defender 4

Like me, you couldn’t get enough of Star Defender 3, could you? That’s fine because you didn’t have to wait too long for the sequel to one of our favorite shooter games in outer space. Guess what? SD4 is here. So….. You want more? You get more with Star Defender 4. There are more missions, uglier aliens, nastier enemies and much better weapons so prepare yourself for the battles of your lifetime as they heat up the galaxy with a 100 levels, black holes, scary space crafts and creepy insects. Destroy them, Star Defender 4!


Kudos is a superb sim game. Kudos lets you to create and control your character’s entire life ! You decide where to work, who to hang out with, and of course what they do to rest and relax and develop their own abilities. Do you want to be an astute athletic brainiac doctor? Or a carefree saxophone playing taxi cab driver? Would you rather go shopping, or sit on the couch and watch TV? Socialize with your friends, or play with your dog? Study self-help books, or read the tabloids? Time do download and play Kudos for mac.