Bubble Ice Age, Bubble Snooker And Dragon Portals

30.04.2018 By Site Default

Bubble Ice Age, Bubble Snooker And Dragon Portals

Bubble Ice Age

Are we getting enough cold weather lately and is the weather outside frightful? Sorry to remind you about that blizzard just outside your front door. Remember to spend next Christmas in the Bahamas or New Zealand, okay? Back to the present. Forget the chilliness outside by playing a warm and fuzzy game inside. Although Bubble Ice Age takes place in a snowy, frozen and colorful place, a place where shooting icy bubbles of the same color cause a sort of avalanche, it won’t make you shiver especially if you’re indoors and it’s nice and toasty there. It’s not? Then, crank up the heat! Match three of more of the same bubbles and they’ll fall off the board. Clear the board to move on to the proceeding levels. The game gets progressively more difficult so be prepared!

Bubble Snooker

In any game of pool, if you’re on a winning streak and you basically rule, they say you run the table, and that’s exactly what you’re going to do here with Bubble Snooker, a game for Mac that mixes pool games with bubble shooting. What an excellent combination! The winning strategy is to play the cushions and not let the balls fill up the whole table. So, grab your cue, aim well, play fair and you will soon be running that table!

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Dragon Portals

Oh, curses to the bad bad baddies! The benevolent magic dragons have been chained to earth by an evil, dark force and guess what? Only you and Mila can save them. Really, I’m not kidding. Dragons can be set free through the dragon portals, which are opened with the dragon orbs. Break through the orbs and you open the portals to set the dragons free. This is an unusual and fun twist on match three and orb shooter games like Sparkle, Zuma and Stoneloops of Jurassica. The game features 70 levels and 15 different power ups.