Armado, Jasper’s Journeys And Qwak

27.04.2018 By Site Default

Armado, Jasper’s Journeys And Qwak


Oh dear! The Great Queen eagle was kidnapped (or is it eaglenapped?) by an army of enormous ants, and well, something’s gotta be done about it! It’s up to Armado to use the magical eggs to restore the eagle nests on his quest to save the Queen, which of course, will save the day. Wouldn’t that be too wonderful? There are seven mountains he must cross to succeed in his mission in this absolutely fun 3d arcade platformer game for Mac, and he has only his wits, agility, and armored shell to help. Help Armado gain the magic of the old world and break the Queen free from her prison.

Jasper’s Journeys

Don’t panic. Stay calm when I tell you something: Orlando has been catnapped. Oh no! Okay, okay. Everything will be all right. Take a deep breath and let’s see what happened. While some of you would be ecstatic about the world being minus one cat, others like me are horrified that he’s the needed ingredient for a witch’s evil potion. Something needs to be done right away, so jump and run throughout a magical fairytale world battling against monsters and other dangers in this inviting retro game inspired platformer. But wait. Who is Jasper? Oops, here’s a little tidbit I forgot to mention. Jasper is Orlando the cat’s owner. Now, Jaspar’s cat needs saving so get going!


70 levels of quirky, silly addictive arcade fun that might remind you a little bit of Pacman but actually much more difficult. Make your way through the game whilst collecting diamonds, power ups, fruit and more. Don’t be surprised if you run into some tricks, puzzles and traps, which come in once you get a little too comfortable with the game. What are those quacky developers thinking, torturing you like that! Remember that in this platformer, there are many hidden bonuses… Want to play another fun platformer? Try the popular mac game, Bud Redhead.