Aqua Bubble 2, Be A King, A Fantasy RPG Sim And MacPinball

07.04.2018 By Site Default

Aqua Bubble 2, Be A King, A Fantasy RPG Sim And MacPinball

Aqua Bubble 2

Aqua bubble 2 is an exciting and fast paced game fun for people of all ages. The trick to this game is to be quick and accurate. Set with a backdrop of a cascading waterfall, bright colors, and calming music that keeps you engaged. Launch bubbles to match 3 or more of the same colors faster than the bubbles lower. The better you are at this the sooner you pass levels, the better your score will be, and the more the dancing bubble cheers for you, so practice! This game is designed to keep you on your toes, and to train your eyes to be quick. Have fun and play often!

Be A King, A Fantasy RPG Sim Game for Mac

Be a King is a fun, fast-paced but easy-to=learn fantasy RPG game, which plays more like a sim / time management game for Mac. This is a good head starter RPG game for kids and casual gamers who may be showing interest and looking into the possibility of playing the fantasy RPG genre of games. Be a King happens to be non-violent even with the monsters and bandits, so it makes it very family friendly and kid-friendly. They are challenging yet entertaining obstacles in every mission you face.


WHO wants to play a mean pinball like a pinball wizard? When you were a kid and played the silverball, nothing beat that feeling, did it? If you were lucky enough to experience pinball machines, good for you, but some of us weren’t around and now can’t find the pinball machines in arcades. Oh well. That’s okay because that game experience has been brought to your Mac with 3D Mac Pinball. Every game is unique with five different tables, changing features and options. Features 50 original streamed songs. Solo or 2-Player mode. Pinball not your thing? Try out other games instead. Play more mac games.